According to financial report published by Nintendo in these hours, Sword and Shield Pokémon have achieved truly amazing results in terms of sales, surpassing every other title launched in the Nintendo 3DS generation.

At the moment they have been distributed around the world 17,3 million copies of the aforementioned titles. In just 6 months on the market, the games in question managed to outperform the sales of both X and Y, and of Sun and Moon. Currently, however, the latest effort of Game Freak does not hold the throne of the series, at least for the moment.

The podium in sales is still held by the first, second and fourth generation games. Just as easily evident from the graph reported by the boys of Siliconera however, Pokémon Sword and Shield should also be able to overcome the almost 18 million copies placed by Diamond and Pearl, entering at least the TOP 3.

The detailed data instead of the first two generations of Pokémon were not disclosed in detail. A consideration on the whole history of the brand would therefore be very difficult.