For those unfamiliar with the policies of Nintendo you should know that the Japanese entertainment company is particularly protective of its characters and even their simple and unexpected use can lead to various consequences. In this case, nothing less than made a mistake epic Games with its latest trailer di Fortnite.

The developer has released a video to present the new mode Party Royale, in which players lay down their arms to relax and celebrate together with attractions, music, DJs and whoever has more. However, probably for a small oversight, one of the very first clips shows up Kirby, the iconic pink hero of Nintendo, projected into the background. And although this is all too well seen in the trailer on the Fortnite channel, the same published on those of PlayStation and Xbox was censored to obscure this dangerous cameo. The Nintendo channel, on the other hand, didn't really share the video.

The oversights always happen but, in this case, Epic Games would perhaps have done well to check better. Beyond Kirby's darkening, however, there seem to have been no other consequences.