The franchise of Sonic, once one of the best known and adored in the world of video games, has unfortunately sunk into anonymity in recent times. Beyond the blue hedgehog cameos in other games, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate e Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, there have been no chapters or spin-offs in the series who have been able to revive the fame of the superfast hero. As demonstrated, however, by the recent film, fans still love their mascot, and SEGA still has no intention of abandoning it.

On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the franchise, which will fall next year, the company promised the public of the exciting news regarding the future of Sonic. We are not aware of what it is, whether it is a new film or the resumption of the video game series, but the CEO Ivo Gerscovich stated that this is just the beginning". Considering SEGA's previous announcements for the next few months, we can expect more details from here until 2021.