Apex LegendsApex Legends is preparing to kick off season 5 (entitled Fortune's Favor) with several important news. The first is undoubtedly the addition to the roster of a new character, Loba, a thief whose skills are focused on remote looting.

With her, changes to the map will also arrive on the battle royale of Respawn Kings Canyon and a series of PvE story-missions dedicated to lovers of game lore. Although there are still no new details, The Broken Ghost is a series of nine weekly quests whose completion, of course, will be rewarded. The first mission will be unlocked on May 19 and will require the recovery of 5 "Treasure Packs" during the games.

As for the start of Season 5 of Apex Legends instead, the appointment is at 19pm Italian today with the departure of Fortune's Favor.