Waiting for the release of KartRush Drift on consoles, Nexon he released by surprise KartRider Rush + for devices iOS ed Android. Fasten your seat belts in anticipation of a rich set of circuits, diversified and innovative game modes and an infinite number of kart customization options that redefine the world of kart racing games.

Here is an excerpt from the official press release:

“The latest edition of the hugely popular KartRider Korean franchise offers more 50 circuits e 20 kart at launch with an unmatched number of options Customization of kart e characters, including stickers, plates, films and more. 

KartRider Rush + has been designed for fast challenges away from home or longer game sessions with other friendly racers, and offers something for everyone with different game modes, including:

Story mode: Story mode allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game, obtaining information about the characters' account and browsing through different game modes.
Speed ​​Race mode: this mode challenges runners to compete against each other and to use their drifting skills to accumulate experience points (EXP) useful for moving to more difficult circuits.
Arcade Mode: Regardless of whether they play alone or in teams, in Arcade Mode players have access to additional gameplay options such as Item Race, Infini-Boost and Lucci Runner.

Ranking mode: from Bronze to Living Legend, players can level up and get rewards like K-Coin for purchasing a wide assortment of items in the Shop.
Timed race: in this mode you fight against time to become the fastest runner.
For players who aspire to become experienced racers, KartRider Rush + offers a Mentoring System which allows racers to team up with mentors to hone their skills or register as mentors to provide guidance to other racers. All players participating in this mentoring system will receive prizes and extras. In addition, the Club System makes it easy for runners to join forces and work together to overcome challenges, complete daily activities and earn rewards.

All players will also be able to claim prizes for pre-registration until May 25, 2020. Prizes for pre-registration include karting Skelemech, the character Slugger Dao, headphones Angel Wing and articles Star Driftmoji e Love Candy Balloon which were added as bonus items after reaching the finish line from 5 million pre-registrations. "