PlayStation 5Sony has confirmed that despite some complications from Coronavirus, the launch of Playstation 5 is still scheduled for late 2020.

In the margins of the presentation of the financial data relating to 2019, Sony specified that the gaming section has achieved positive results, with good sales of the Playstation hardware and an increase in subscribers to the Playstation Plus, while the launch of the new console is still scheduled for the end of the current year.

In particular, Sony ha aggiunto: "Regarding the launch of Playstation 5, although some factors such as work from home and restrictions on international travel have represented an obstacle as regards the testing process of the production lines, the development continues and the launch of the console is expected to end 2020 '.

It is clear that the situation remains subject to changes due to the delicate world situation but, for now, the release of Playstation 5 remains safe.