The last one has just ended State of Play PlayStation dedicated entirely to Ghost of Tsushima, the latest action-stealth title developed by sucker Punch output on PlayStation 4 il July 17 2020. Let's see together what has been proposed to us in these 18 minutes of unpublished gameplay.

The presentation opened by talking aboutscouting of the title. In Ghost of Tsushima it will be possible to explore every ravine of the Japanese island, the theater of Mongol invasions of 1274. In order to guide us, the player can use the wind movement as a compass to understand the ideal path to take. In addition, spotting a fox in exploration will be essential, as it will allow you to reach hidden temples that will then enhance our character: Jin.

Speaking of Jin instead, the second part of the title was dedicated to combat system. Being adynamic adventure (Sucker Punch trademark), two types of play styles can be undertaken: The Samurai e lo Spectrum. If the former focuses on a technical style in which precision in one's actions (whether they are close assaults or counterattacks) will be essential to overwhelm the Mongols; the second style focuses onuse any available means to instill fear in the enemy (perhaps through the use of firecrackers or kunai). To support this freedom in gameplay there are also some elements in the Customization by Jin. Through the use of different sets of armor (further customizable as regards their aesthetics) you can have different bonus for a particular style of play.

Finally, the developers wanted to end the presentation by announcing the inclusion of one Photo Mode, of the dubbing in Japanese and a Cinema mode who will apply a filter film similar to that you have old Samurai movies, which this game is inspired by.

And if you think the news ended here, then you are wrong. Sucker Punch has confirmed that further news will be announced before the release of the title. We just have to wait then.