Playstation NowSony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida provided updates on branded products and services Playstation durante a meeting on corporate strategies. Without a doubt, the most positive data regards the growth of Playstation Now, the cloud gaming service of the company that saw its users double in the period between March 2019 and March 2020, reaching a total of 2.2 millions of subscribers.

At the basis of this success, most likely, there is the price cut of the service carried out in October 2019 and a more substantial catalog that has allowed us to play famous Sony exclusives such as Bloodborne e God of War, just to name a couple, at a very paltry price.

The comparison with the competition service, Xbox Game Pass, is still distinctly in favor of Microsoft with over 10 million subscribers of your offer. A difference certainly dictated by different marketing strategies and by the assortment of the two catalogs, even if the growth of Playstation Now, as confirmed by the numbers, is taking on rather significant outlines.