After BioShock: The Collection, Borderlands Legendary Collection and XCOM 2 Collection, 2K will continue to support Nintendo Switch, this is what was declared by Sami Thessman, chief creative of 2K.

In a recent interview in fact Thessman stressed how the publication of those three games is only the beginning of the collaboration with Nintendo: the publication of the three collections on the same day has in fact shown that 2K didn't care about making thoughtful marketing moves, but simply giving consumers three popular games on Nintendo Switch.

These are his words:

In the past few months we have received many requests for these games on the Nintendo Switch, so we have brought them all together to try to satisfy everyone who has waited a long time. After these publications we are able to continue the partnership even more.

I can't say much about business strategies, but I can assure you that we at 2K consider our relationship with Nintendo to be extremely important. We want to continue releasing Nintendo Switch games from now on.

Nintendo has therefore brought along a great partner, with many quality games that owners of the hybrid console will certainly appreciate. What other 2K games will we see on Nintendo Switch?