The world of against it always manages to amaze us gamers, with some of them allowing you to improve the technical and graphic department of a title, or others that add hilarious elements to the game.

Recently, a mod was released for Resident Evil 3 Remake, where you have the option to replace Nemesis, the main antagonist of the game, with Shrek.

The mod in question is called "Shrek over Nemesis": by installing it, you will go to replace only the 3D polygonal model of Nemesis with that of the green ogre of DreamWorks, without adding additional animations or additional sounds.

You can find information on how to install the "Shrek over Nemesis" mod on the website NexusMods.

Maybe in the future there will be changes that will improve this mod, but for the moment imagine yourself running away to Raccoon City on the notes of "I'm a believer" performed by Smash Mouth.