With "The favor of darkness" Valve lands in the Chinese market with an Alpha version of your PC client Steam exclusively dedicated to China. Although this is - economically - a good move by Valve, as the Chinese market is indeed a succulent opportunity, we are talking about a double-edged blade, as this version turns out to be heavily censored of the Chinese government. Everything you see has been provided by the site Win.gg:

Steam China Alpha versionOnce the client is opened, users are greeted by this short propaganda message from the Chinese government:

“Boycott offensive games; refuse piracy.

Self-defense exercise; avoid deception.

Moderation is good for the brain; excessive play hurts the body.

The right use of your time will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Another visible change in this version is visible with the dedicated functions community. No name or profile picture is visible, replaced by a question mark and a serial code. In all likelihood, any username and profile image will have to be approved by the government, therefore filtering the names appropriate from inappropriate ones.

Steam China Alpha versionFinally, depending on the age of the logged in user, the client will prevent any game session from 10:00 in the evening until 8:00 in the morning. In fact, it seems that Valve itself has implemented this script to follow the directives dedicated to gaming in China, applied in November 2019.

Steam China Alpha versionIn short, this version of Steam seems very different from the one we all know, and who knows what games can launch and / or sell Valve on its store, without creating problems on the upper floors.