Multiple sources are giving voice to a rumor he would like the PlayStation 5 presentation scheduled for June 3. In fact, it seems that a big Sony event is coming that would concern the games of the new console.

The rumors were spread in particular by three journalists Jeff Grubb Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki. It was Grubb who started the rumors, publishing on Twitter a program of summer events including a "PlayStation Event". Schreier later shared a article who spoke of a Sony event that would also reveal some new games, citing Mochizuki as the source. Schreier also specified that the pandemic could still cause it changes in dates.

It should be noted that Grubb has recently been the focus of other rumors, and that Sony has not yet confirmed or denied the latest rumors. In a recent Corporate Strategy Meeting Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida assured that PlayStation 5 will be released by 2020 and that the games would be announced in the near future.