It will be released on July 1st 2020 Trackmania, the reboot of the famous arcade racing franchise developed by Swim and published by Ubisoft. Fans of the series can already pre-order your access through theEpic Games Store or the launcher UPlay. We are talking about access because, apparently, the software house intends to adopt a business model freemium to support the title.

Players will be able to choose 3 access modes: StarterStandardClub. Standard will allow you to enjoy the main modes of the title for free, with access to singleplayer and multiplayer modes casual (through a series of seasonal events). The Standard Edition adds access to maps created from the community and at daily challenges offered by developers, in addition to the notorious level editor, all for the price of 10 euro a year. Finally, the Club edition adds the possibility of creating your own private club and to customize your vehicle with custom skins.

The latter version can be purchased for the price of 30 € per year or 60 € in case you want to buy the bundle for 3 years.