Apex LegendsThe Season 5 of Apex Legends, Fortune's Favor (The Fortune of the Audacious in the Italian adaptation), is the most successful in the history of the famous battle royale.

It was reported Respawn itself who confirmed a Dotesports as the current season is the one with the highest level of involvement since the title was born, the one that brought the most new players and scored the most total hours of play.

At the basis of this success there is certainly the new legend, Loba, and the addition of a nice PvE mode with which players can deepen the game's lore while accumulating rewards in the meantime. Despite some problems in the first days of the season (especially an annoying bug that prevented the correct registration of the shots), users have shown to appreciate the work done by Respawn.

To confirm this, the numbers provided by EA, and reported by Forbes, which indicate in 47 million Season 5 trailer views and in 176 million views generated by Apex Legends themed content created by users. A record in both cases.