The small and promising independent title, Summer in mara, finally has a launch date. After being revealed two years ago, the game is about to be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

In the title the player takes the role of Koa, a young girl intent on taking care of her island. The centerpiece of Summer in Mara revolves around exploration, as well as obviously all the part of crafting and management of resources and crops. Visiting the other islands in the game world seems to be crucial in order to obtain the optimal experience as designed by the developers.

  • An explorable ocean with over 20 islands that can be visited
  • Personalize your island with buildings, plants and farm animals
  • Over 25 NPC characters
  • Over 300 missions to make Mara a better place
  • Dynamic day and night cycle

Summer in Mara will therefore be available in digital delivery, from the Steam store and Nintendo eShop, from June 16 2020.