The game with the most coveted beta of the last period has been published. Riot has made available Valuing today, with a series of news and small changes listed in the patch note 1.0.

If you are among the lucky ones who got one of the keys to the Closed beta, you will notice some changes to the game; from small additions to a new map, a new character and one new game mode. Furthermore, exactly as happened at the launch of the beta, in the first hours after the publication of the game the competitive mode will be deactivated, to allow the development team to focus on stability.

The new mode added from Riot to Valorant is called Spike Rush, is still in beta and promises faster and more frenetic gameplay than the current one. The new map instead, Ascent, is characterized by a central area that teams can control by opening new avenues for attackers.

Valorant 1.0 Patch Notes

The new character has already been presented. Is called Queen, is Mexican and has very special gameplay mechanics. His special abilities will increase as enemies killed increase. According to a designer, however, choosing this character carries a high risk, as "If Reyna does not kill little ones, it is almost useless".

Several characters in particular  Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett they received small balances to their abilities. In addition, both the recording of the shots and the framerate have been updated. Riot has also published a Community Code just before the game is released, to show players how to behave during games. Those who break it will be punished with suspension for 72 hours from in-game chats, except for the party chat which can still be used.