FortniteWith a release on his Official site, Epic Games has announced a new postponement regarding the Season 3 of Fortnite.

These are the words that the software house addressed to its community:

“The latest events remind us in a pressing way of the injustices of our society, from the denial of fundamental human rights to the impact of racism, explicit and implicit, against black people. We are well aware of the suffering that our friends, relatives, teammates, players and communities are suffering from.

We believe in equality and justice, pluralism and integration, fundamental values ​​that must precede political opinions.

The team is looking forward to continuing to grow Fortnite, but we must balance our desire to launch Season 3 with the need for our team to take a break to focus on themselves, their families and communities.

The live event the Device will be postponed to Monday 15 June, while the launch of Season 3 will be postponed to Wednesday 17 June. We understand that this will be the second consecutive postponement and we are grateful for your patience and understanding in these difficult times. "

In his message Epic clearly refers to the delicate current moment of the US company following the George Floyd case. The community of Fortnite he will therefore have to wait a few more days before he can get his hands on the new season.