Like all football leagues, the Premier League will also resume its calendar a closed doors to comply with anti-Coronavirus rules. However, it appears that the issuer Sky Sports started a partnership with EA Sports to make the games less sad to see.

EA Sports Premier LeagueThrough a post from the blog official, the broadcaster explained the details of this collaboration that will allow viewers to recover some of the atmosphere of a normal football game even in times of pandemic, thanks to a virtual audience implemented by EA itself:

“Sky Sports - in collaboration with EA SPORTS FIFA he created a series of sounds and choirs specific to each team, in order to replicate the vibrant atmosphere of the Premier League matches, so that fans do not lose the heart of the action. Viewers will be able to choose whether or not to watch the channel with the extra sounds. "

It must be said, this is an excellent idea from both companies and for sure it is something that maybe we could see even during the last matches of Serie A.