Beyond LightBungie puts all her cards on the table and shows Destiny 2 players the news planned for the next few years, starting with the new expansion entitled "Beyond Light".

The new DLC will be available starting September 22nd and will kick off a whole series of news and updates that will shape the world of Destiny at least until 2022. In fact, a new expansion is already scheduled for next year, The Witch Queen, while in the next one it will be the turn of Lightfall.

Clear ideas therefore in the Bungie house, which also announced the arrival of the DCV, Destiny Content Vault, with which it intends to manage the exponential amount of content in the near future. It is for all intents and purposes an archive of activities, which the software house has introduced in this way, with a note on Official site:

  • Destiny 2 is too vast to update and maintain it efficiently.
  • The size and complexity of the game are contributing to the creation of more bugs and less innovation.
  • Instead of building Destiny 3 and leaving D2 behind, every year we will rotate the oldest and least played content into what we will call Destiny Content Vault (DCV).
  • This will allow us to expand and support D2 for years, including the three new annual expansions just announced, starting with Beyond Light which will arrive in the autumn.
  • The DCV will include all Destiny 1 and Archived Destiny 2 content.
  • We will re-propose the activities and destinations stored in the DCV every year.
  • The reproposals will begin with Year 4 of D2, with the return of the Cosmodrome and the raid of the Vault of Glass.
  • The primary contents that will leave D2 and end in DCV in the fall are the destinations Mars, Io, Titan, Mercury and Leviathan (and their related activities).
  • There will be new ways to get exotic related to the activities that will end in DCV.
  • When Beyond Light arrives, the Navigator will present the following destinations: Europe (new), Cosmodrome (re-presentation), Moon, Twisted Shore, Dreamy City, European Dead Zone, Nessus.
  • This approach will allow us to respond more quickly to player feedback, allow new innovations and support Destiny 2 so that your characters develop over the years.
  • New information will follow during 2020.

This is therefore the solution proposed by Bungie to stem the problem of a game client that has already reached the mammoth dimension of 115GB and which continues to grow by 25GB on average every year. A no longer sustainable situation that the software house has decided to remedy with this substantial restyling of the foundations of the game on which future expansions will rest.

No Destiny 3 then: the life cycle of the second chapter seems far from its conclusion.