Borderlands ScienceJust a couple of months ago, Borderlands Science he had made his appearance, proposing to contribute to the solution of real problems simply by playing.

Developed in collaboration with McGill University, Massively Multiplayer Online Science and The Microsetta Initiative, it's about a simple puzzle game playable within Borderlands 3 (in a cabinet inside the Patricia Tannis infirmary) through which players can help map real strings of DNA more quickly.

By an update on DNA Puzzles, the first results of the project were shown, which simply look amazing. In fact, the players have done five times the same amount of work that the researchers would have completed in ten years, going beyond all expectations and generating much more data than expected, already in this initial phase.

In short words, the Borderlands Science project is proving to be an extraordinary success, the first results are extremely satisfactory and the researchers believe it is contributing significantly to the improvement of intestinal microbiota mapping systems.

The project will then go ahead and the data obtained will be used to create a new set of puzzles, with even greater potential to improve the microbiome sample analysis system. For this DNA Puzzles invites you to continue playing the mini-game, waiting for new updates.

Without a doubt, a small but significant response from the gaming world to those who often demonize it, ignoring its extraordinary opportunities. Like Borderlands Science.