In light of the latest events related to the movement's protests #BlackLivesMatter, a lot of companies try to show their support in some way. Wizard of the Coast, the creator of the card game Magic The Gathering he started looking into the past, looking for those cards that can turn out offensive for a certain type of audience.

Through a official announcement, the manufacturer has announced the start of a program that will analyze the context, illustrations and text of certain papers that may result too pushed, offensive or even racist. At the moment, the cards that will be obscured by the official archive are:

  • Invoke Prejudice
  • Cleaning
  • Stone-throwing demons
  • Pradesh Gypsies
  • Crusade
  • Jihad
  • imprisoning

In their place, the following text will appear:

“We removed this image from our database because of its racist illustration, the text, or the combination of the two. Racism in all its forms is unacceptable, and has no place in our game or elsewhere. "

Furthermore, the cards that will undergo this treatment cannot be used during official tournaments.