Finally here we are. There are a few hours left before the event that all PlayStation fans have been waiting for: the full reveal of PlayStation 5 and its titles. But let's turn the clock back a few months and try to make a local mind, summarizing the main events of this Odyssey on PS5 which will end in the next few hours.

PS5 hardware

It all starts on March 18 2020. To replace their panel at GDC dedicated to the console, Sony quickly organizes the Road to PS5, a presentation in which the console designer Mark Cerny explains (in an extensive and meticulous way) the news of PlayStation 5, both in terms of Hardware that of Options.

The first component that Cerny goes to analyze is SSD. The decision to use a type of memory in the solid rather than a traditional Hard Disk status is designed to meet not only the players, but especially to developers. The reading speed of ben 5GB per second and the absence of SeekTime as far as game files are concerned, it will facilitate the creativity of Game Designers who will be able to do without gimmicks like long corridors or elevators positioned in a workmanlike manner to allow the console to replace already loaded assets with new ones. In addition, this solution will not only eliminate the long waits during the installation of new patches, but will also remove the duplication of game assets, reducing (as far as possible) the final weight of the software.

To facilitate the data transfer process without running into the so-called bottle cones, the SSD was joined by a Flash Controller in PCie 4.0 who will manage not only it texture streaming, but also the new compression algorithm called Creak.

By the way: did you know that the Sony console's SSD was at the center of a drama among the leader of Epic Games Tim Sweeney and the well-known YouTube channel LinusTechTips?

Another key feature of PS5 will be the backward compatibility of PS4 titles. Unlike PlayStation 3, the new branded chipset AMD will contain one at launch Legacy Mode which will allow the launch of many PS4 and PS4 Pro titles. At the moment, we are predicting perfect compatibility with 90% of the titles in the Top 100 of the most popular games, but we think it will also support the various remastered go out in the past.

Graphically, the PS5 will run on a GPU RDNA 2 by AMD from 10.3 Teraflops (similar to the one seen on Xbox Series X) and will support not only the Raytracing but also features like the new one Geometrical Engine, who will take care ofoptimization of polygon rendering. This led to the search for a solution dedicated to console power. To avoid the overheating and of ventilation problems PS4, PS5 power will start immediately at maximum of its potentialAnd then trying to find a balancing between the required workload and subsequent overheating, without however compromising the integrity of the machine.

Finally, Cerny switches to audio features. Taking a cue from the solutions implemented both on PlayStation 3 that of PlayStation VR, the dedicated chipset will allow everyone to enjoy a 3D sound compartment, regardless of the devices (TV, Surround System or Headphones) available. So much so that this presentation, according to Sony, will be even more appreciable if listened to with a nice pair of headphones.

In short, after this long conference, users were struck by the innovations brought but without the flab. We will have to wait a few months before seeing the first Tech Demo for PS5.

Tech Demo Unreal Engine 5

And it is precisely the May 13, 2020 and epic Games announces the arrival of the new one U, after a very shy first approach to next-gen with the version 4.25.

In this demo rendered in real time called Lumen in the Land of Nanite let's get acquainted with the news brought by the new engine, including the system nanite for the virtualization of micro-polygons, the global lighting system Lumen and algorithms for managing VFX (Niagara) and in-game physics (Chaos Physics). Needless to say, the public goes crazy and begins to imagine which will be the first titles that will take advantage of 100% - perhaps in a few years, perhaps sooner - the features of the new Unreal Engine.

The event, the rumors and the doubts

So let's get to June 4 2020. After months of talking, hype and waiting, the players would have obtained a true reveal of the new Sony console. But a bad thing happens: because of the protests linked to the movement #BlackLivesMatter, Sony is forced to rimandare the presentation to the next 11 June. Regardless of your opinion, the idea of ​​holding an event on the same day as a victim's funeral and a symbol of such an important movement would have put anyone - at the PR level - in a bad light.

In this week of peace, however, something happens: some insiders on social networks start talking and bringing an old man back into vogue meme of the PS4 community: a graphically renewed version of Bloodborne on PC and PS5 developed by BluePoint Games. Undoubtedly, compared to a few years ago Sony began to release their exclusives also on Steam, but in case this rumor turns out to be true: this will be the strategy cross-platform by Sony? She too (like Microsoft) will start to bring part of her stock also on PC?

Bloodborne PC

The first rumors also come about the studies that will participate in the event: in addition to Santa Monica who - most likely - will announce their new post-God of War era project, a rumor is starting to hit the net that KonamiRockstar Games e 2K are ready to announce something big.

We come to the doubts that this presentation has the obligation to eliminate: how will Sony recover those months of silence in which Microsoft has implemented a functional marketing strategy to Xbox Series X? How will the first exclusives be managed? They will be cross-gen like Xbox titles? And if they are, they will be joined by a loyalty program like it Smart delivery from Microsoft? Finally, the price. How much will have affected the emergency Coronavirus on production and on final price PS5? We will find ourselves in front of a luxury toy but with low costs, or will we witness a PS3-2 (citing the ex-CEO of Sony Kazuo Hirai's "599 US Dollars")?

To find out, we just have to wait for these last hours. We are at the starting blocks of this new generation of consoles and we hope that the race between both sides will be compelling e full of surprises.