Riot GamesRon Johnson, Global Head of Consumer Products at Riot Games he resigned from his post.

The executive had made a negative comment about George floyd (accompanied by an image), with an emphasis on "Criminal lifestyle" man. Riot had immediately distanced himself, declaring Johnson's controversial words "Against our values".

After a brief internal investigation, as easily foreseeable, a divorce between the parties has inevitably been reached. A separation that the software house has thus commented in a statement issued to Kotaku:

“Ron Johnson no longer works for Riot Games.

The opinion expressed in the image in question is disgusting and goes directly against our values ​​and our belief that the fight against systematic racism requires immediate social change, something that we are committed to pursuing ".

The interruption of the working relationship was consensual, as confirmed also by the CEO of Riot Games, Nicolo Laurent.

"Ron understood and realized that he would be ineffective as a leader within Riot from here on out." explained Laurent, "As a result, he resigned from today."