Star Wars Squadrons, the new title of Electronic Arts, is shown in a first trailer. Revealed gameplay, release date and price.

In this new videogame iteration of the famous space saga we will play the role of a star fighter pilot. You will take sides for both the empire and the New Republic, organizing your attack strategy and then hitting as many spaceships as possible.

La sigle player campaign will take place after the Battle of Endor, then at the end of Episode VI, and you can play both as a pilot for the Vanguard of the New Republic, which for i Titan of the Empire. Personalization of your character confirmed.

First person dogfight mechanics confirmed with 5v5 multiplayer combat, VR support also on PS4 and, the cross-play between console and PC.

Star Wars Squadrons will be available from October 2 at 39,99 euros and EA Access and Origin Access Basic subscribers will enjoy a 10% discount.