The World Ends with You is perhaps one of the RPG series of Square Enix most singular in recent years. Come out on Nintendo DS and then on Nintendo Switch e Smartphone, the title mixed a combat system based on the use of the touchscreen to a plot with deep themes and characters, set in the metropolis of Shibuya and supported by the design of Tetsuya Nomura.

However, despite the noisy niche of fans, the sales recorded and the representation in the saga of Kingdom Hearts, the franchise has been out of the scene for quite some time…until today.

The World Ends with You Anime Expo Square Enix

After a small cameo inside the poster dedicated toAnime Expo Lite 2020 - light and online version of the fair dedicated to Japanese animation, initially canceled due to the COVID-19 - Square Enix has recently filed a new one trademark named Subarashiki kono Sekai (What a Wonderful World, or the title of the series used in Japan).

That the time has come to return to Shibuya and resume the Reaper's Game through a sequel dedicated to the adventures of Neku? Or will we see the announcement of an animated transposition during the Anime Expo?