PS5Apparently, Sony will not use a unified upgrade system to "migrate" to PS5 the games of the current generation. One of the interesting advantages of Xbox Series X is undoubtedly Smart Delivery technology which allows you to buy a game and then have it available for all the Xbox platforms you own, but it seems that the Japanese company will not go the same way.

After recent confirmation from EA that Madden NFL 21 will offer the same upgrade system on both PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Japanese portal Gamespark has contacted SIE Japan to ask for further details on the possibility of adopting, also at Sony, a functionality similar to that offered by Microsoft.

Apparently though, the Japanese company has no plans in this regard and will leave publishers complete freedom of choice who will decide if and how to offer upgrades of their games in the next generation, with any rules and limitations.

In the meantime, EA has confirmed that owners of Madden NFL 21 in physical copy will not be able to take advantage of the upgrade of the title on PS5 Digital Edition since, obviously, the company will not be able to verify the ownership of the disk in the case of a console without the optical reader.