Silent HillIn recent days the long-awaited and rumored announcement of a new one Silent Hill it did not reveal itself, but fans of the saga did not remain completely dry-mouthed.

The famous Konami horror series has in fact "invaded" the world of Dead by Daylight with a crossover of the same name that introduces some of its key characters into the asymmetric multiplayer of Behavior Interactive.

Cheryl Mason and Pyramid Head have both joined the game's roster, the former as a survivor while the latter, of course, as a killer. As usual, their introduction also brings new perks obtainable from the Blood Canvas and a new game map that the aficionados will particularly appreciate: the Midwich Elementary School of the first chapter on PSOne.

The Silent Hill DLC it is already available on Steam for € 6.99 while Dead by Daylight will be playable for free for the next five days.

In addition, fans can enjoy another little gem: Konami has made the soundtracks available on Spotify of all the chapters of the saga.