NIS America is happy to announce that the brand new title of its 2020 line-up, Mad Rat Dead, out on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, will be available in the European market starting from 30 October. Jump, dance and follow the rhythm in this music-based action platformer!

About the game:
A mouse's dream wasn't realized before his death ... that is, until he gets a second chance in life! He has been given the opportunity to repeat his last day on Earth and the player will have to use Mad Rat's new power in time with the music before his chance ends. Mad Rat Dead combines platform action and rhythm mechanics to allow players to always keep their ears and eyes open!

Key Features:

Funky rhythm - Move forward by combining your inputs with the rhythm of addictive music tracks. Or practice with your inputs while discovering the stages of the Sound Test!
Make the music your own - Unlock music to mix and match it with stages reproducible for different difficulties. Press the Rewind button for endless attempts and jump, shoot and make your way up to the 5 stars!
Audiovisual art - The Cartoon style mixes with a punk aesthetic for a unique artistic style that changes according to the number of combos performed!