Yesterday, unfortunately, we had the news of a new postponement to cyberpunk 2077 which will not come out as expected on September 17 but November 19, 2020. The official reasons are related to optimizations and resolution of some bugs, but from what has emerged in the last hours the problems would be a little more complex.

The user u / heskethh2, who had anticipated the information on Hazelight's It Take Two before the announcement at EA Play 2020, said that his sources close to Warner Bros. (which will publish the game in the USA) speak of poor performance on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Polish company would therefore be finding it difficult to optimize Cyberpunk 2077 on the current generation consoles, with some moments in which the frame rate reaches 20fps. Problems also regarding the plot and the translation from the Polish: Keanu Reeves would in fact be so busy that he could not return to the game to fix some things, probably dubbing.

Of course, unofficial information that we will probably never get confirmation of. Let's just hope that on November 19th we can finally get our hands on it cyberpunk 2077, in all its beauty.