Although it has not been exactly well received by the community (which would have preferred a representative of some other IP), we are now close to the presentation of the new fighter of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Nintendo fighting game. The latter has indeed announced that his reveal will happen in just three days, Monday 22 June, through its streaming channels. As usual, we can expect the appearance of the game designer Masahiro Sakurai who will introduce and explain the new character in depth.

Although we know that it is one of the members of the roster of ARMS his is still not clear identity. Nintendo had in fact already revealed its arrival at March, without giving any indication as to which exact character of the game will make its entry into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Despite the delay due to COVID-19, the wait is now about to end and we will soon be able to find out the truth. Meanwhile, remember that five mysterious wrestlers are missing to complete the Fighter Pass 2, and who knows if one of these will not be announced together with the brass knuckles (as happened in the past with Hero and Banjo Kazooie).

Nintendo Direct of the 13 April: all the announcements announced