The Last of Us 2 it is definitely the game of the moment, both because it is actually the last big release on PlayStation 4, and for all the discussions it has brought with it. And today we have a video that could feed another one, concerning theI'm graphic of the game.

The last effort N it is visually splendid and squeezes the PlayStation 4 hardware to the maximum, perhaps for this reason the software house had to carry out some downgrade. In fact, comparing the graphics of the E3 2018 demo with the final version of the game we find some worsened textures, some more bare environments, the elements on the screen eliminated, some light and reflection effects less beautiful to see.

From video it is possible to see how all this is actually true, but this confirms that videos in "state of development" must never be trusted. The demos only tend to show the potential of a game, but when the title must then run entirely on a certain hardware, to allow maximum optimization, cuts are often needed.

It seems that this fate has also fallen to The Last of Us 2: maybe the "best" version will be played on PlayStation 5.