The Last Of Us Part IIThe Last of Us Part 2 it is not available in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia due to the homosexual relationship between two of the main characters.

The news was relaunched by MSN who speculated as the reasons behind the blockade title of Naughty Dog they are easily traceable to the particularly "conservative" traditions of the two countries and were confirmed in a couple of tweets a few weeks ago.

“A PS4 user on Reddit noted that The Last of Us Part 2 does not exist in the United Arab Emirates Playstation Store. He contacted support and was told that the game is not available in the country's store as banned by local authorities and that the company could not do anything about it ".

The second is much more explanatory and direct tweet:

"The Last of Us 2 has been blocked in the Middle East due to sexual (homosexual) content."

In both countries, sexual practice outside heterosexual marriage is considered illegal and is punishable by penalties ranging from simple fines to the death penalty.