Square Enix has made official a version dedicated to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X from Marvel's Avengers. The title will be distributed, in addition to the classic formats, also in the form of free update for users who purchase the game on the consoles currently on the market.

Those who own the game for the current generation of consoles will be able to switch to the improved version at no additional cost, both in the case of switching from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, and from Xbox One to Xbox Series X. All those who will transfer the saves to the consoles next-gen will be able to transfer their player profiles and progress to resume right where they left off. It will also be supported the game between different generations, to allow PS5 players to play with friends on PS4 and Xbox Series X users to connect with friends on Xbox One.

With fast loading, improved resolution and fidelity, more detailed textures and destruction of armor, ray tracing and much more, on new generation systems Marvel's Avengers will have an incredible look and playability. The experience on PlayStation 5 will be fluid and dynamic and will make the most of the fast SSD, the tactile sensations of DualSense and the engaging Spatial Audio. To better customize the viewing experience, on PS5 players can choose between enhanced graphics mode or high framerate mode.

In short, between version upgrades and cross play it seems that a decidedly positive scenario is being set up for gamers. More news on Marvel's Avengers will be revealed in thespecial event scheduled for tomorrow.