Over 1 million Pokémon Sword and Shield players have successfully faced and successfully completed the Raid Dynamax dedicated to Zeraora. The goal was a prerequisite for obtaining one chromatic version of the creature in question.

They are well 1.435.283 players who currently defeated the rare Pokémon in its dedicated Raid Dynamax. All users who have participated in these battles, and deposited or collected a little monster from the pits made available in Pokémon Home, will be able to redeem the Secret Gift starting from June 30, 2020.

To reveal the success of the global mission is the Japanese division dedicated to Pokémon Sword and Shield through a tweet.

All that remains is to reach altitude 2 million raids brought to an end. In this way players will also get 10  Roccearmature which can be used in the dojo on Armor Island, available in Sword Pokémon e Shield - Expansion pass.