The latest announcement of the Pokémon Presents was Pokemon Unite, the official Moba of pocket monsters. Incredible but true, The Pokémon Company entered the field of games exclusively competitive.

This new title developed by Tencent, inserts our favorites like Pikachu, Lucario, Talonflame and Snorlax into a virtual arena and replaces the normal four moves with the classic moveset present in other Moba as League of Legends. At the start of each game, Pokémon will show up at their base stage and - through level up - will evolve and acquire new moves.

A singular choice by the company of Tsunekazu Ishihara, which has already created further divisions within the community, which included the announcement of a title of the Let's Go series set in Johto.

The title will arrive in mode Free-to-Start both Nintendo Switch that of Android / iOS and will support multiplayer cross-platform.