Phil SpencerIn a long time interview given to Seth Schiesel, a New York Times reporter, Phil Spencer talked about Microsoft's approach to next-gen and in particular about his reaction toPS5 presentation event.

"I saw the show and thought they had done a good job." Spencer said, “I sent a message to Jim (Sony CEO, editor's note) and congratulated him. In this situation, trying to produce a high quality event is not easy. As a competitor, it's great that there are. So now we know more or less what the program is, we have seen the car, we have seen the games ".

The leader of the Xbox division has shown himself to be rather confident of the potential of his videogame offer, even more after seeing the counterpart's proposal.

“I'll be honest, I was happy after seeing the show. I think the hardware benefits we got will be seen when we show our games, talk about frame rates and other things. I thought about the line-up of games that we will have at launch and I was very satisfied with it. And we had more clarity on what they are doing, clearly on their show. It has helped us focus on showing what we have. Therefore, I believe we have done a good job. They are very good at what they do. And they repeated themselves. But when I think about where we are with the games we're going to show and the hardware advantage we have, I think we're really in a great position. So I'm confident for the July event. "

Shortly after the publication of the interview, Phil Spencer published the following tweet:

"We are still waiting for Aaron Greenberg to get a new webcam before the start ... kidding, there won't be any Greenie webcam on the July show."

The post, deliberately ironic, however suggests that the Xbox event in July, still without an official date, will be an important production and will probably abandon the "web show" format adopted in recent months.