In the wake of the enthusiasm generated by the two previous editions, the Italian communities dedicated to Nintendo brands meet to give life to the third appointment on the platform NintenTV, born last March to collect for the first time under a common name the many, different, facets of the player passionate about the products of the Japanese publisher.

The next 27 and 28 June 15 community of our peninsula will give life to NintE3, event streamed in which they will alternate talks with the public, gameplay performances and exclusive content created for the occasion: Chozopedia, Johto World, Lux PKK, Mario's Castle, NintendOn, Nintendoomed, Nintendo Player, Nintubers, Pokémon Beyond, Pokémon Central, Pokémon GO Raid Italy, Pokémon Next, WikiBound, Xenoblade Universe "R-Alpha" e Zelda Italy they will take turns to keep the spectators company on Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 24:00 on the Twitch channel of NintenTV.
From the insights on Expansion Pass di Sword Pokémon e Shield Pokémon dell'attesissimo Paper Mario: The Origami King, will not miss anything to experience the Nintendo world like in a party, not even the multiplayer challenges of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate e Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Lovers of Animal Crossing they will be able to show off their creations between a chat and another, even looking at the past of Nintendo with curious retrospectives.

During this marathon, a fundraiser will take place on the platform Tiltify and proceeds will go in its entirety in favor of the Italian Red Cross. In the first two occasions they were collected in total beyond 1'100 € in what has often proved to be a real solidarity contest between spectators. NintE3 starts with the aim of improving what has been done previously, by encouraging donations with special activities created thanks to the involvement of partners that will be revealed in the coming days.

You will find all the information about the contents of this edition of NintE3 on the social channels of the communities: while waiting, you can review the first two editions on the NintenTV YouTube channel.