Dr. Disrespect

The Dr. Disrespect case keeps bench on the web in the last few hours. The famous streamer was indeed recently permanently banned by Twitch for reasons of which the person concerned would also be in the dark, as he himself confirms in a tweet published today.

"Champions Club, Twitch has not yet informed me of the specific reasons behind their decision ... He decided to shake hands with everyone for support during this difficult time."

The mystery regarding the causes of Dr. Disrespect's sudden exclusion from Amazon's streaming platform is still tight and, in the past few hours, rumors appeared on the net have speculated that the reasons would be to be found in Brime, a new and mysterious streaming platform that will be presented on Monday 29 June and behind which there are rumors there is precisely the hand of the famous streamer, in addition to those of Shroud and Ninja, recently appied by the closure of Mixer.

In any case, these are simple speculations on which, in all likelihood, clarification will be made in the next few hours.