The head of the study Leon Genisio and Game Director Federico Naim, of the new Italian software house Ragnarōk Productions are ready to announce, for the July 15 2020 the first teaser trailer of their first project: Kingdom Of Jarys: A Dark Tale.

Ragnarōk Productions Roma Indie Italian

According to the very first information about the game, Kingdom Of Jarys: A Dark Tale is a Action-RPG in 2.5D set in a dark fantasy world; here is a short excerpt from the press release:

“Finally after so much hard work, we can show you something about our new IP Action GDR. I would really like to tell you more but for now we cannot release any more information ".

We just have to wait for the arrival of this notorious first trailer, to find out what these talented Roman boys are capable of. Meanwhile, we refer you to theirs Official site to find more information about the team.