In recent years, between the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3 and the announcement of the new Resident Evil 8 it seems that Capcom is back to focus on her horror series. The remakes, however, seem to be unfinished, given that the next one should be the 4th.

Dusk Golem, the insider who recently made himself known for correctly anticipating everything related to Resident Evil 8, has now declared that the software house is working on remake of Resident Evil 4 but that this will not only concern the technical sector.

Capcom would indeed be expanding the story with new chapters, with references to Dr. Salvador, e new areas that can be visited. To see all this, however, we will have to wait a long time: according to the insider, not less than a year, but probably also the 2022.

In short, only rumors of which there is currently no confirmation, but if the precedents with Resident Evil 8 prove something, then we may be faced with truthful information.