I findEntering the world of live streaming is undoubtedly a risky choice, especially considering that we are dealing with a giant like Twitch. It is an example mixer, Microsoft's attempt to enter the market, which recently decided to close the shop and merge, de facto, into Facebook Gaming. Despite this, Tencent seems willing to enter the contest anyway by launching its platform: I find it.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Chinese company is already "silently" testing the service in the US, with a beta phase that has been going on since last March. I find it is clearly still an embryonic project, as can be seen from the number of spectators (the most popular game is Call of Duty Mobile with about 2600 followers) but the "Trovo 500" partner program with an initial budget of $ 30 million seems imminent.

"We know how difficult it is to rebuild on a new platform and it is a burden that we don't want to carry on your own" reads in the announcement of the partnership program. "Trovo firmly believes that monetization opportunities should be available to all streamers who want to make their career live streaming and we are willing to help the creators who will support Trovo along the way."