Also Microsoft has joined the initiative undertaken by several large multinationals to force Facebook to change its moderation methods. As announced by the director of marketing Chris Capossela, the Windows multinational will not buy advertising from the Zuckerberg social network.

This protest, born of some "small" brands including Patagonia, has expanded to include companies of the caliber of Coca Cola, Honda, Ford and Starbucks. The multinationals are asking Facebook to change their guidelines on hate comments, which are currently very permissive. Until this change occurs, they will no longer buy advertisements on social media, removing Facebook's main source of revenue.

This strategy had already been successfully implemented in the past by multinationals. It was precisely the refusal of big brands to buy advertising space on YouTube that caused the Adpocalypse, which forced the site to tighten on certain types of content.

However, Microsoft 's initiative is surprising, if you look at it in the light of the recent news of the dismantling of mixer. The streaming platform owned by Microsoft will in fact flow into Facebook Gaming, a sign that the two companies have very close relationships.