A little everyone, sooner or later, will have found themselves spending a few euros inside a site of digital keys. Whether it's Steam, PlayStation, Xbox or even Nintendo, the possibility of buying your games at a lower price is tempting to everyone. For Nintendo of Europe however, there seem to be too many and - in an attempt to make the eShop more popular - the company has decided to block the sale of the digital keys of their titles first party.

According to what revealed by the site ShopToNet, starting at 23.00 on June 30 2020, various Nintendo titles in digital format will no longer be available for purchase. This new directive will span the whole world European territory, but does not include a ban on the purchase of DLC, Prepaid cards eShopNintendo Switch Online subscriptions and third party titles.

In short, if you are still interested in buying games like Super Smash Bros. UltimateSword and Shield PokémonSplatoon 2 at a bargain price, you should hurry!