In the latest issue of Famitsu Capcom spoke of Resident evil village and its state of development. Currently the game is located at 60% of the works, with the latter proceeding smoothly, so the launch date scheduled for 2021 should not see any postponement.

In 'interview there is also a specific request from the developers, that is not call this game "Resident Evil 8"But"Town", as presented in the trailer. It is also true, in reality, that in the same trailer the number eight written with the Roman characters was put in plain sight just to underline the continuation of time, but if Capcom is asking it, who are we to say no?

At this request and choice to call the game "Resident Evil Village" follows the explanation: the developers wanted make the village a true protagonist of the game, and not just a setting in which the events happen.

We don't really know much, but we won't have to wait long: new information is scheduled for August.