• Zynga completes the acquisition of Peak starting July 1st 2020
  • Peak will maintain its unique creative culture and brand identity
  • Zynga will update the full guide for the year 2020, on August 5, 2020, when reporting the second quarter 2020 financial results

SAN FRANCISCO– (BUSINESS WIRE) –Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), global leader in interactive entertainment and Peak, Istanbul-based creator of Toon blast e Toy Blast, today announced that the companies have signed the transaction under which Zynga acquired all of the issued and outstanding ordinary shares of Peak for a total purchase price of approximately USD 1,85 billion, including approximately equal contributions of liquidity and ordinary shares Zynga. Peak brings a renowned and talented team and two legendary franchises to Zynga, Toon blast e Toy Blast, which in the last two years have punctually ranked between 10 and 20 iPhone games with the highest turnover in the United States respectively.

Peak will continue to be headed by founder and CEO Sidar Sahin and your current management team. In addition, the company intends to maintain its headquarters in Istanbul (Turkey).

"We are delighted to welcome Sidar and Peak's extraordinarily talented team to Zynga, ”said Frank Gibeau, CEO of Zynga. "With the addition of Toon blast e Toy Blast our portfolio of live services will now include eight legendary franchises, which will translate into a considerable expansion of our global audience, as well as an expansion of our portfolio with exciting new games being developed. We will grow faster together as a single team. "

"We are very pleased to conclude this colossal partnership, which will affect not only Zynga and Peak, but also the mobile gaming industry as a whole, "said Sidar Sahin, Peak founder and CEO. "At the heart of this partnership is a common vision - bringing people together through play. Peak's culture is founded on relentless learning and progress therefore, in preparing to embark on this new journey together with Zynga, we intend to keep our unique culture intact. We look forward to seeing what our shared future holds and what we will be able to achieve together. "

Founded in 2010 by Sidar Sahin, Peak developed the popular games Toon blast e Toy Blast. Known for innovation, creativity and design with attention to detail, Toon blast e Toy Blast they popularized 'cascading' match-3 puzzle games and attracted a highly engaged global audience with one of the highest player retention rates in the industry. The average number of mobile active daily users of Toon blast e Toy Blast exceeds 12 million. Peak is expected to increase Zynga's average number of mobile SADs by more than 60%, in addition to consolidating its international user base. Peak will also expand Zynga's portfolio of new games with additional projects that are currently in the early stages of development.

The conclusion of this acquisition will take effect on July 1, 2020. Zynga plans to update the full guide for 2020, on August 5, 2020, when it announces its second quarter 2020 financial results.

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About Zynga Inc.

Zynga is a global leader in interactive entertainment and aims to connect the world through games. To date over a billion people have played at Zynga franchises, including CSR Racing™, Empires & Puzzles ™, Merge Dragons! ™, Merge Magic! ™, Words With Friends ™ e Zynga Poker ™. Zynga games are available in over 150 countries, on social platforms and on mobile devices around the world. Founded in 2007, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Turkey and Finland. For more information visit www.zynga.com or follow Zynga on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Zynga's blog.

About Peak

Peak is a prestigious mobile game developer whose team pursues unremitting progress. Peak believes that the best products are created when talented people form autonomous teams who work to make an impact. Peak currently has two mobile franchises at the top of the charts, Toon blast e Toy Blast, which punctually ranked respectively between 10 and 20 iPhone games that generated the highest turnover in the United States in the last two years and which, together, have an average of more than 12 million active daily mobile users. Peak headquarters, founded in 2010, is located in Istanbul (Turkey). For more information visit www.peak.com.

Forecast declarations

This press release contains forward-looking statements, including those relating to our ability to achieve the desired benefits from the acquisition of Peak Oyun Yazılım ve Pazarlama Anonim Şirketin ("Peak"), including expanding our global audience by increasing our mobile SAD average and our overall growth and updates to our expected and future financial performance. Forward-looking statements often contain terms such as "forecast", "estimated", "planned", "intend", "want", "anticipate", "believe", "target" and "expect" and statements containing verbs in the future they usually constitute forward-looking statements. The realization of the results mentioned in these forward-looking statements involves significant risks, uncertainties and assumptions. It is therefore not appropriate to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements which are based on the information that appears to us at the date of publication of the same. We do not undertake any obligation to update these statements. Further information on the aforementioned risks, uncertainties and assumptions are or will be described in greater detail in the public documents filed by us with the US Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), copies of which can be acquired by visiting our website dedicated to investor relations at http://investor.zynga.com or the SEC website at www.sec.gov.

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Number of mobile SADs. The number of mobile DAUs is defined as the number of unique users who played one or more games on a given day. The average number of mobile SADs for a given period is the average of mobile SADs recorded on each day in that period. It follows that an individual who plays two different mobile games on the same day is counted as two SADs. We use the number of mobile DAUs as a parameter for measuring user engagement.

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