When you are talking about Xbox Series X reference is made to a series of consoles, at least according to rumors in all these months of more or less truthful speculation. More than persistent sources have been talking about for some time now Lockhart, a less powerful and cheaper model than Series X, but apparently it would also exist a third model called Edinburgh.

To talk about it is Jez Corden Windows Central, which declares to have been aware of this version for some time, but to have mentioned it only now because it received it confirmation from its reliable sources.

No information on the matter, so much so that the journalist himself launches only in hypotheses: Edinburgh could be one digital only version si Series X, without Lockhart 's hardware and performance cuts, or even a much cheaper version but designed only for the cloud gaming via Project xCloud.

What will be true? We will see if Microsoft will present both Lockhart and Edinburgh in August.