I glitch, Mostly in Animal Crossing New Horizons, are elements that have always managed to make the gaming experience more ... interesting. The best known is certainly the one that allowed you to duplicate objects, now removed, which has made many players happy (especially the laziest ones). With the latest patch, which has introduced many new features related to summer, a new programming error has sprung up in its place. This time, however, his presence is causing many problems.

Numerous users have in fact reported to Nintendo that version 1.3.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons has made it impossible to cross the bridges. The network is filling up with video which show the glitch in action, like the one above. It is not clear how this error works, since it seems to afflict only a few players and not all of them. At the moment, changing the position of the camera or destroying the aforementioned bridge seems to be the only remedies. Unless it's Tom Nook, who has decided to inaugurate a new toll to increase his profits, the developers should fix everything in the next update.