Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 is still far away, but the first details about the development of the game and the role of Sephiroth begin to emerge.

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase provided the first details onthe second chapter of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, starting from the development of the title during the emergency COVID-19 up to the role of the iconic villain in history.

Interviewed by The GuardianKitase admitted that development has slowed somewhat due to the pandemic these months:

“The fact that the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake occurred in this unprecedented situation made any future predictions difficult. Right now the team is still creating the next game in remote working, so our performances are not 100% right now. But I don't think there will be a big long-term impact. "

Subsequently, the producer unbuttoned himself about role of Sephiroth within this, and the next title:

"In the original game, Sephiroth was not present in the story section we told, but we made changes so that we had it from the start and make it more important within the Remake project. We wanted fans to keep talking about it on social media and keep the excitement high as we move on to the next game. Sephiroth will play an important part in the history of the next game, but I can't reveal any more information about him now. "

You have been among those happy to see it One winged angel right away, or would you have preferred to meet him only in the advanced stages of the Remake project?