predecessorParagon is about to return in a new guise, a new name and curated by a new software house: Predecessor is about to enter the Closed Alpha phase.

For those who don't remember, Paragon was a third-person MOBA developed by Epic Games has reached the Open Beta phase. In 2018, the success of Fortnite made the software house opt for an integration of the game development team, first partial and then total, within that of the famous battle royale, decreeing the premature death of the Paragon project and unleashing the extreme disappointment of its players.

Epic then made the stock assets worth $ 12 million available for free: these ended up in the hand, among others, at Omeda Studios which has resumed its development and is now ready to launch a first phase of Closed Alpha for July 10th. This will be accessible to all PC players, although the development team does not rule out the possibility of landing on other platforms in the future.

Predecessor is therefore ready to welcome the Paragon community again, but will have to deal with two other titles that inherited the assets of the Epic Games era MOBA: OverPrime e Fault in fact, they are both ready to present their vision of the project by 2021.