On the evening of yesterday, 7 July 2020, the Lego Shop Malaysia's online has published the images of the second wave of sets dedicated to the new IP presented last May on Monkey Kid.

For the uninitiated, this line is inspired by Ch'eng-en Wu's 1590 novel "Journey to the West". 3 sets were shown of which only the name, the number of pieces and the box are known and a Brickheadz whose name and price are known. The release of these new sets should be set for August 1, 2020

80014 - Sandy's Speedboat
Pieces: 394
Minifigures included: Monkey Kid, Spider Queen, Pigsy and Sandy, Mo the cat
Release: August 2020
80016 - The Flaming Foundry
Pieces: 1427
Minifigures included: Monkey Kid, Mei, Princess Iron Fan, Red Son, Roar, Growl, Uncle Zhang
Release: August 2020
80015 - Monkie Kid's Cloud Roadster
Pieces: 659
Minifigures included: Monkey Kid, Gold Horn Demon, Silver Horn Demon, Wang, Chen
Release: August 2020
40381 - Monkey King
Pieces: 175
Cost: 9,99 Eur
Release: August 2020